Olympic Centre

Olympic Centre

The Olympic Center is the venue for the 25th World Olympic Collectors’ Fair WARSAW 2019, where all Fair events will take place. Located here are:

– Headquarters of the Polish Olympic Committee

– Museum of Sport and Tourism in Warsaw

– Moonsfera Restaurant

The Olympic Center of the Polish Olympic Committee, which opened in 2004, is a prestigious meeting place for Olympians, as well as a gathering place for the cultural, art and business communities. The distinctive architecture and modern interior are an excellent setting for congresses, seminars, business meetings and events of various types. Conference participants can visit permanent exhibitions at the Museum of Sport and Tourism as well as temporary exhibits organized by the Polish Olympic Committee. The Olympic Club is situated on the top floor along with the Moonsfera Restaurant with its outdoor terraces and panoramic views of the Warsaw skyline.

The Olympic Center hosts numerous exhibitions and events for Olympic collectors organized by the Commission of the Collectors of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Museum of Sport and Tourism.

Designed by architect Bogdan Kulczyński, the building has 7 floors (including underground). The building is steeped in the symbolism of the Olympic ideal, formally expressed in shapes and functions. The elliptical shape of the building is punctuated by a glass elevator shaft reminiscent of an Olympic torch as it projects through the cantilevered roof. The facade incorporates the Olympic rings, symbolic of the Olympic Games. The ground floor interior is distinguished by a black ceiling, gray concrete walls of the communication shafts, and a gray dolomite floor. A vibrant red ribbon pattern in the floor guides visitors to the entrance of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Sport and Tourism.

Polish Olympic Committee

The Polish Olympic Committee (POC), borne by a social movement and encompassing prominent volunteers from the areas of sport and culture, is a nation-wide association of federations, sports organizations and other legal persons implementing the aims and tasks of the Olympic Movement, as well as tasks connected to the development of Polish sport. Established on 12 October 1919 in Kraków, for nearly 90 years it has been developing its active and multi-dimensional activities, creating conditions and organizing the participation of the Polish Olympic Team at the Olympic Games, promoting Olympism and propagating sport, incorporating the Polish sport movement into the international Olympic family and maintaining permanent relations between the Polish sport and the international Olympic Movement, taking diverse actions in the area of Olympic education as well as contributing to the long-lasting relations between sport and art.

The Polish Olympic Committee is an autonomous, non-governmental organization held in high esteem by the public. According to its Statutes, the POC independently establishes its goals, programs of action and organizational structure. It preserves its autonomy by resisting pressure from all outside forces including, but not limited to, political, legal, religious or economic. The POC acts through its statutory bodies and the activity of its associated members and volunteers. On the territory of Poland, the POC has the exclusive right and authorization to use the Olympic symbols and the terms “Olympic Games” and “Olympic Committee,” as set out in the Olympic Charter.

Museum of Sports and Tourism

The Museum of Sports and Tourism (MSiT) moved to new quarters at the Olympic Center, where, on 5 November 2006, a permanent exhibition was inaugurated.

The museum’s collection includes over 45,000 artifacts (mostly related to Polish sports) comprising medals, tokens, plaques, sports badges, and tourist badges as well as coins, banners, flags, emblems, outfits and sports equipment, travel accessories, and sports and tourist posters. Works of sports art (sculptures, paintings, graphics, medals, and textiles), are on display along with philatelic and numismatic collections, photography, 16,000 books and over 2,000 documents and archives. The museum collection is complemented by film and sound documentation.

The cooperation of the Museum with Olympic collectors associated in the philatelic club “OLYMPIAN” dates back to 1969. At present, the Collector’s Fairs of Sports Memorabilia are organized, 2-3 times a year.

The museum is an institution financed from the funds of the Masovia Voivodeship Self-government.

Director Mr. Tomasz Jagodziński invites all participants of the 25th WOCF WARSAW 2019 to visit the museum, which is located in the Olympic Center. Olympic fair participants and their guests may visit the museum free of charge from 23-26 May 2019. The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday from 9AM – 5PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM – 5PM. Last entry is at 4:30PM.

Moonsfera Restaurant

The Moonsfera Restaurant is located on the roof of the Olympic Center and is known not only for its excellent cuisine, but also an amazing view. From the terrace you can admire the unique panorama of Kępa Potocka and the green Żoliborz, and the wild shore of the Vistula.

For over 10 years, Jarosław Uściński has been the owner and chef of the Moonsfera restaurant, whose original dishes surprise with elegance, originality and refined taste. It is supported by a well-chosen team that makes sure that every guest feels special here.

Chef Uściński is also president of the National Association of Chefs and Confectioners, manager of the Polish Professional Chefs’ Representation, a devotee and BBQ champion, a member of the BBQ Kings Poland team with which he won the world vice-championship.

Speaking about his passion, he says: “I still learn flavors: I eat everything that I encounter on my way and remember. That’s how I build my taste dictionary, it’s my passion. Running a restaurant is for me the joy of being in the kitchen, the joy of creating dishes that will delight guests with unpredictable, fascinating, innovative compilations of flavors and aromas. Which will create harmony thanks to meeting the imagination of the chef with the knowledge and sensitivity of the sommelier.”

The restaurant is open every day from 12:00 Noon until the last guest has departed.

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