Polish Currency - The Zloty

The ZŁOTY (sign: ; code: PLN), is the official currency in Poland. The modern złoty is subdivided into 100 groszy.

Current Polish zloty coins and banknotes: You can find banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zlotys in circulation. In 2014 all denominations, except the 200 banknote, were slightly modified, adding new security measures. Find out about all security measures of current zloty banknotes.

Currency rates (as of January 2019):

1 € = 4,31 PLN (Polish Zloty)
1$ = 3,77 PLN (Polish Zloty)

Check the currency exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland

Obtaining Polish Zloty: All payments in Poland in stores, at petrol stations, restaurants, for services, etc. are indicated in Polish Zloty. There are a number of ways to obtain local currency: ATMs, currency exchanges, and banks.

ATM: The Olympic Centre has an ATM cash machine provided by PKO, a state-owned bank. ATMs are widespread throughout Warsaw, especially in Metro stations. They may not be as visible in other cities or in smaller towns in Poland. Ask a young person, who probably speaks English and can direct you!

Currency exchanges: The simplest way for Olympic Fair visitors from other countries to exchange their currencies for Polish Zloty is to visit private currency exchange offices where the basic exchange rates are aligned with the official rates of the National Bank of Poland. Currency exchange offices are located in areas frequented by tourists as well as in shopping malls. Transactions made are secure and there are no additional hidden fees.

Banks: As a rule, Polish banks accept EURO, US Dollars, British Pound Sterling and Swiss Francs in exchange for Polish Zloty. No coins are accepted, only bills. Be aware that there may be transaction fees. In the case of banks, expect to wait while your exchange transaction is processed.

Credit Cards: Currently the most popular form of payment for services (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and goods in Poland is by credit card. VISA and MASTERCARD are generally accepted. You pay by card in virtually all hotels, shops, and often at the vegetable market.

Credit cards are accepted for payment at the Silent Auction.

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